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About Us

The YP People is a company that develops organizations and their human resources through management support.

Professionalism is our passion


Our Workforce

  • The output of our workforce is top-notch and exemplary.
  • Employer motivation is also guaranteed since their welfare is highly considered.
  • They are well equipped and ready to execute all tasks accorded to them within the confines of our agreement.
  • They are subject to a non circumventive non disclosure agreement that guarantees discretion of work done within your facility.


  • Our remuneration is timely and highly factors in the welfare of the employee.
  • It includes a salary inclusive of all statutory deductions a comprehensive medical plan that caters to their health needs while at work.
  • They’re also entitled to annual leave and sick leave in accordance with the terms and conditions of service.

The Value We Bring You!


Our workers have immense exposure acquired after working with different organizations with diverse cultures and personalities. This build on their efficiency in any working environment


Temporary placements will always be available to work, this boosts the morale of your workforce and helps maximize on productivity


We remotely supervise our workforce without interrupting your business. This is to ensure high morals and work ethics are observed while working. This improves the quality of the job conducted within your business.

YP People is categorized into three main service delivery divisions.
Each providing comprehensive tailor-made services to suit your demand at competitive rates.

Outsourcing Human Resources

A company may outsource a few or all of its HR-related activities to a single or combination of service providers.Human resource outsourcing is a momentous strategic HR initiative.


Recruitment and Selection

There’s never a specific time to invest in recruitment and selection services for your business. It can help to save you time, money, and stress when it comes to finding the right workforce for the success of your business.



We provide training solutions that are harnessed to help your team improve their skills and remain as competitive as possible.

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